Holiday Shopping List

Holiday Shopping Guide


With Thanksgiving right around the corner I know everyone has started thinking about gifts and so have we! Here are a few of my favorite picks right now to get your shopping lists started.

{1.Weekend Bag, 2. Jessa’s Healthy Skin Essentials, 3. Grady’s Cold Brew, 4. Be a Nice Human Print with the proceeds helping family’s in need, 5. Waterproof Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag, 6. The Beachwaver}

Pennies for Penny

pennies for penny pennies for penny

pennies for penny

pennies for pennyOften one of the best parts about social media is that you stubble upon things you may otherwise never hear about. I recently came across a website and a family’s heart wrenching story about losing their little girl. When their community came together to support them in such a horrible time it had a huge impact on their family, which inspired them to help other families suffering from similar situations. Pennies for Penny was established and I urge you to read their story and buy a holiday gift this year from them to help families in need. It will ground you, put life in perspective, and make you grateful for each healthy day we are alive. Click here to learn more.




A few months ago I completed my DIY makeover on an Ikea Tarva dresser.  It was such fun to transform the simple piece of furniture into something custom.  In researching other ideas for DIY furniture facelifts, I came across these amazing ‘O’verlays’. Designed especially for the beautification of Ikea furniture, these decorative panels are the easy way to make something ordinary look like a million bucks!

(pic from HGTV)

Ulrike Jurklies


‘Tis the time in my life when some of the people closest to me are tying the knot! I feel lucky to have an inside scoop on event design and am happy to lend a helping hand when I can.  My bestie is getting married this summer and she and I are hard at work to find way to make her big day the most vibrant, colorful party you’ve ever seen.  While brainstorming I came across these awesome gradient candles from product designer Ulrike Jurklies.  I love the vibrant colors she’s used and think they are a great way to infuse a pop of color into a tablescape.  See more of her designs here.

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