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Installation Art

christina watka installation art

Christina Watka is a very talented and creative lady of many trades. We’re lucky enough to call her our Creative Coordinator here at Poppies & Posies, but her talents don’t stop at the end of our work day. Christina is always pursuing her murmuration projects and has traveled as far as Anguilla to install a […]

Winter Boot Round-Up

Winter Boot Picks

Baby it’s cold outside!! NYC temps jumped quickly and drastically from the 60’s to the 30’s leaving everyone to scramble for winter gear this past week. Although I can’t seem to find my gloves that are lost deep in a closet somewhere, I am getting on top of the two most important winter items. Warm […]

Styling Inspiration


Our styling projects are often some of our favorites. This one is from a few months back and we’re still digging the dark and moody colors and textures. Photos by Jen Huang Photography.

Autumn Must-Haves

Autumn Must Haves

When my two year old nephew lays or touches something soft he proceeds to say “Coooozy” over and over again. It’s just so cute that I’ll run around the house to find each of my sheepskin rugs, to throw at his feet in order to get him to keep saying it.  Now that Autumn is hitting […]

Buttermilk Biscuits

buttermilk biscuits recipe

It is officially feeling more and more like Fall everyday here in NYC, which means that comfort food is on all of our minds. Today we have Sierra’s husband, Michael (who also happens to be a chef and the owner of  Michael Stuart NY), here to share his recipe for his best buttermilk biscuit. We recommend […]

Project: Watercolor Seating Cards

Watercolor Seating Cards

  Firefly Events came over to our studio recently to have a little fun with watercolors. This is an easy project that anyone could do at home for their next party or even wedding. Once you’ve chosen your colors squirt small amounts into a painters tray. Pre-cut your seating cards to the desirable size or buy […]