P & P

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Sierra Steifman

President & Creative Director

Sierra Steifman co-founded Poppies & Posies in 2007. She has a hand in every decision, and her love for the business is apparent in her unwavering commitment to each and every project.

Christina Watka

Creative Coordinator

Christina Watka joined Poppies & Posies as the Creative Coordinator in early spring 2014. Along with a newfound passion for flowers, Christina’s experience as an installation artist brings a new and exciting skill set to the business.

Dyana Applebaum

Studio Manager

Dyana Applebaum became a part of our freelance staff last year and immediately made a positive impact on the team. Dyana became our studio manager in 2016.

Serena Abraham

Floral Designer

Serena Abraham joined Poppies & Posies as a Floral Designer in 2014 and quickly became our go-to designer for projects big and small.

Deano aka Deen Deen

Studio Cat

Deano (Dean-Dean) is the Poppies & Posies studio cat. He works hard everyday, sleeps when he is tired, and always remembers to stop and smell the roses.