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A few of our favorite things…

138345019772766047_XmyqLzN0_c-1With winter in full swing (where did the time go?) Sierra and I thought we’d share our favorite things about the season with you.  One of my all-time favorite things about the winter is how quiet everything gets right after a big snowstorm.  The city seems to be taking a collective breath and for a few magical moments everything is hushed.  It doesn’t get much better than that.


We love rosy winter cheeks! Nothing is better than walking in the cold air and getting that gorgeous healthy glow.  If you live somewhere that doesn’t quite muster up the ruddy cheek look try this.


Cozy sweaters! We love this time of year because nothing in the world is better than a big sweater.  I’m loving this one right now.

(Pics from here, here, & here)