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Rentals with Personality

As most of you already know at this point, Juliet and I have been searching high and low for the best vintage and antique rentals to add to our ever growing Trove prop shop. Why you ask? To be candid, we’re sick and tired of the same old same old rentals you find at the […]


Big news, today is Juliet’s birthday! Whoop whoop! We have a fun filled day planned for this special little lady, which includes spa time, cocktails, and most importantly seafood on the water. If you too are looking to celebrate, take a gander at Geronimo Balloons.  They have some pretty special, limited edition Valentine’s Day heart […]

Vintage Rentals With Imagination

The best part about launching our tabletop & prop rental shop, The Trove, is undoubtedly the amount shopping we’ve done since inception. We’ve been traveling around to some of our favorite antique shows and markets in the Northeast to find the most unique and pretty elements. The result is a slew of detailed china, demitasse, […]

Bees Knees Baking Co

Since we’re participating in the Cream NY event next month, we figured it would be fun to highlight some of the other fabulous companies that will be alongside us. Today we’re chatting about Bees Knees Baking Company and their cakes in a cup. A brilliant idea and a great alternative to the cupcake if you […]

Sunday Edition

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re all relaxing, enjoy brunch, or even zoning out on the couch today. Most importantly it’s a good day to just take a break from our busy, crazy, and often stressful lives.  If you’re in NYC I’d suggest staying in the AC until this afternoon and making some homemade popsicles […]

Animals Ready to Party

The beauty of the internet is that if you browse for long enough you’ll absolutely stumble upon something either adorable, hilarious, or just plain silly. I found this cute diy for a children’s birthday party in which you dress up little animals in party hats. With our friend’s baby’s 1 year mark approaching I’m very […]