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Nicole’s Classes

nicole's classes

I bought a sewing machine last year and after proving to myself that I still know how to thread it, it has been sitting in our closet untouched. Just the thought of it makes me feel so guilty. It's not that I don't want to use it, but it's intimidating to just take it out […]

Revolve Furniture

revolve furniture

Last week we collaborated with Lyndsey Hamilton Events and Revolve Furniture on a photo shoot for The Knot magazine. Revolve Furniture brought along a few of their favorite pieces for the shoot and we fell head over heels in love with their beautifully handcrafted furniture.  Not to mention they're incredibly friendly and nice to boot! […]

Brussels in Bloom


Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium has once again been transformed into a shockingly beautiful flower carpet display and the facts behind how this installation was created are unbelievable. Every two years a new design is thought up and constructed in the city center. Over a million blooms were used to construct this years vibrant design. […]

Manicure Picks

Spring Nail Polish

I know the life of a florist well and it does not involve beautifully manicured nails. Every time I swing to get my nails done they’re ruined in about 12 hours, but we keep going back for more. It must be the pretty palette of colors up on the wall and the new possibilities every […]

New England Weddings

new england weddings

With wedding season in full swing we’ve been busy bees in the past few months. From Blue Hill, The Foundry, to Maine we’ve been arranging some of the prettiest blooms we’ve ever put our hands on and helping to make our couple’s weddings go off without a hitch. A couple weeks ago we packed Juliet’s […]

Christina Watka

installation art

As I’ve gotten older and older my interest in art has grown, but nothing seems to grab my attention and suck me in quite like installation art. Its typical grand scale and impactful displays makes me stop and think more than most other art. I find myself always thinking about how the artist was able […]

Flower Thief

ny times flower thief

A flower thief is running wild in Northwest Washington and he can’t be stopped! Flowers from lilacs to peonies are being violated and often yanked straight from their roots. You have to check out this story posted in the NY Times recently.

A Blooming Spring

peonies helleborus, garden rose

 Getting back in the swing of things the past few weeks has been so much fun. Sometimes it’s a bit hard to transition from a quieter winter with more client meetings and less events to a booming, busy wedding season. Somehow this year has been more fun than ever and I think we can attribute […]

Growing a home


  I’m always envious of my friends who have a huge collection of family decor pieces in their homes. Somehow their homes always feel a bit cozier and more like a place to well call home. Juliet’s family has an incredible collection of Persian rugs and antique items that she now displays in her apartment […]