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DIY With Mom!


With Mother’s Day only a week away, we teamed up with Preston & Olivia for a DIY flower crown how-to for a fun activity to do with your mom. All photos by the talented Kristina Wagner.

Step 1: You’ll need wire, floral tape, clippers, and ribbon. 
First, mold the wire into a headband shape with loops at the ends to serve as the base of the crown.


Step 2: Now that you have the wire crown base, it’s time to select your flowers. We find that it helps to start with greenery such as jasmine or rosemary. You can wrap the greenery around the wire crown base using floral tape or wire. 
USEFUL TIP! If you cut your greenery into 3″-5″ pieces, it will make it easier to manipulate it on the crown base. You can also trim any edges after the fact.
Flower-Crown-06Step 3: Now it is time to add blooms! Make sure that they face out rather than up. We find that they are easily attached with wire, but the weaker stems may need to be attached with floral tape. 
USEFUL TIP! It’s always smart to think about the type of flower that will last the longest out of water. If you know the crown will need to last outdoors, we suggest a simple spray rose or wax flower.


Step 4: We created our wire crown base with two open loops at the ends to attach our ribbon of choice. Just thread the ribbon through each side and tie a double knot.