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Foragers Flower Workshop

 Poppies & Posies Foragers Workshop

We’re so excited to announce our Foragers Flower Workshop featuring Meadowburn Farms heirloom dahlias!

Join us at historical Meadowburn Farm (located about an hour outside of NYC) from 2-5pm on Wednesday, September 17th for a breathtaking afternoon filled with freshly-cut heirloom dahlias, beautiful historical gardens, and a tasting of Meadowburn Farm’s aged cheeses.  We’ll work on designing a low, lush floral arrangement with the seasonal products that you’ll get to take home with you at the end of the day. To sign up click here!

Foragers Workshop

{photo by Joshua Scott}Foragers Workshop

Dahlias! Meadowburn Farm’s heirloom dahlias have been growing in the gardens since the early 1900’s, when Helena Rutherfurd Ely, avid gardener, author and founding member of the Garden Club of America, built extensive gardens surrounding her country house at Meadowburn Farm. For over 130 years the Meadowburn dahlias have been planted each spring and stored each fall. Today, the Meadowburn dahlia collection consists of 7 distinct heirloom cultivars, each of which expresses unique characteristics no longer popular in modern varieties.

Forager Workshop

Here are some of the varieties you can expect to see at the farm and use for your arrangements!

  • ‘Helena Rutherfurd Ely’ – a glowing, sunset-hued decorative dinner plate with sturdy purple stems.

  • ‘Albert Furman’ – A bright yellow cactus dahlia, and a prolific bloomer.
  • ‘Old Tweet’ – A cheerful, antique peony flowered dahlia with golden bronze blossoms. Some plants grow up to 9′ tall!
  • ‘Byba Vincenza’ – A most unique show dahlia, featuring bobbing  blooms on slender stems, in hues of magenta with streaks of vermilion down the center of petals.
  • ‘Clara Helen’ – A bicolor dahlia, in magenta fading to white.
  • ‘Danny Bea’ – An elegant antique peony flowered dahlia with 4″ blooms in hues of magenta often with a streak of vermillion in the center of the petal.
  • ‘Jane Cowl’ –  This is a stunning informal decorative dinner plate  dahlia with luscious blooms with deep peach centers open up to glowing orange, petals dusted with gold.

IMG_3724 Foragers Workshop

Foragers Workshop