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Frankie’s Wedding

poppies and posies florals

The dahlias have been truly fantastic this year and this past weekend was no exception. We used cafe au lait dahlias, garden roses, queen anne’s lace, scabiosa, chocolate cosmos, lace hydrangea and clematis to create these arrangements for Sat’s wedding.

lantern rental NYC

The bride wanted a lot of candlelight in the courtyard and in the stable to create a romantic atmosphere. These are our wooden lanterns getting ready to be placed out. Rent them in The Trove!

Candleholder rentals NYC

The tables were filled with a plethora of votive candleholders in various shades of white, grey and blush. Rent these in The Trove too!

poppies & posies florals

A big thanks to our friend Jorge of de la Barra Photography for coming by to snap these photos for us!