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Studio Shots


This year, we decided to document our work as often as possible. Sometimes, seeing the work through a lens or a mirror really helps us make smarter adjutments and grow in our craft. It is so helpful to be able to reference old arrangements with clients, too! Win-win.


We are also constantly working in different vessels to present a new challenge. These cement vessels feel fresh and unexpected.



It goes without saying that the spring product is out-of-this-world-good. We worried that the freak April frosts would affect the local flowers, but most of them recovered.

Oh, and see that pink light? That’s our studio. No filter. Light changes constantly.



This is the season for ranunculus. We get these from a local supplier (Hautau & Sons), and always weep a little when the local season is over. There is nothing more cheerful than a poppy and ranunculus combo.

We plan on updating the blog with arrangements all season long!